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Sustainability is about developing processes and actions that meet the needs of today, without compromising future generations. And this development needs to create a balance between environment, society and the economy.

In housing we have a huge responsibility across all three areas. We are responsible for the construction of homes and maintaining older properties, we have investment responsibilities across thousands of homes, and we have a role to play in the wellbeing of every resident and each community.

When it comes to the environment, the UK has set in law a target to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, the first major economy in the world to do so. It followed a recommendation by the Committee on Climate Change, the UK’s independent climate advisory body. Intermediary targets include a 68% reduction by 2030, and a 78% reduction by 2035 (compared to 1990 levels). 

This is a major challenge for housing but one that we’re tackling head on. This journey is made easier by the collaborative working an organisation such as HCP allows: sharing best practice and learnings with each other makes us more effective.

You can read more on defining net zero for social housing on National Housing Federation discussion paper.

Sustainability news and blogs

Check out our designated Sustainability news and blog section. In this section our HCP members look at one theme in detail: what areas it covers and how that housing association is tackling them, including challenges and successes. Sustainability news is also featured in this section. 

Sustainability reporting

In late 2020, the Sustainability Reporting Standard (SRS) for housing was launched - Sustainability for Housing. It was in response to recognition that environmental, social and corporate governance investment (ESG) in housing was being inhibited by a lack of a common reporting standard.

The resulting, voluntary, reporting framework, covers 12 themes and 48 criteria across ESG considerations. Five of the 12 themes are society-related: building safety and quality; resident voice; resident support; affordability and security, and placemaking. Three are environmental: climate; ecology, and resource management. And four are governance-related: structure and governance; board and trustees; staff wellbeing, and supply chain management.

Sustainability reports from HCP members

A number of HCP members use the SRS framework for reporting around ESG. Check out links to their reports and information below