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Havebury encourages community links to grow

Posted on 06 December 2021

Last month, Havebury Housing Partnership and Idverde gave the children of Westfield Primary Academy in Haverhill the opportunity to watch bulbs being planted on the Chalkstone Estate, ahead of spring next year.

Seven children, who are members of their school council, joined in on the event as they learnt about bee biodiversity and why these bulbs are so important to the local environment.

Ruth Dunmore, Deputy Headteacher from Westfield Primary Academy said: “We learnt about how the machines work and the types of bulbs that have been chosen for planting. These bulbs will hopefully grow to provide excellent habitats that will support local bee and butterfly populations that are in decline. It got us thinking about actions we could take to help sustain and support natural environments locally to us here in Haverhill, and we are excited to observe the flowers growing in Spring next year.

The children asked lots of interesting questions and impressed the ecologist team so much that they have offered to donate a Bug Hotel to Westfield Primary Academy!

"It was a joy to see our pupils representing Westfield Primary Academy with such enthusiasm and positivity, we are very proud of them.”

The project, a joint venture between grounds maintenance company Idverde, and Bury St Edmunds based housing association Havebury was to bring some much-needed life back to the grassy area at the Chalkstone Estate.

Onlookers on the day described how much they looked forward to seeing the flowers when they come into bloom early next year.

David Everitt, Idverde Volunteer Manager, involved the primary school pupils in conversation about what bio-diversity means to local areas such as this one, as well as interesting facts about the bulbs of which over 60,000 were planted on the day.

He explains; “Idverde were so pleased to welcome students from Westfield Primary Academy school and supply chain partners from Lubbe Lisse bulbs to demonstrate the Bulb Planting Machine and discuss the bulb varieties being planted across Havebury Housing Estate’s this winter"

"The machine bulb planting will provide block of colour for the spring 2022 with over 150 sqm of bulbs planted equating to 60,000 bulbs planted across the 3 estates. These bulbs will also provide vital nectar sources for bees and butterflies. The bulb mixes include daffodils, tulips, alliums, camesia providing flowering from Feb-June. The mix was developed with Idverde, bulb supplier Lubbe Lisse and Havebury Housing Resident Teams. The project is part of a reinvestment plan by Idverde back into Havebury housing estates.”

Dan Lubbe from Lubbe Lisse oversaw the machine which planted the bulbs and engaged the children into discussion about how the machinery works.

Havebury’s Lauren Eden was also in attendance on the day and said: “It’s really great to get out and about in the community and create these beautiful partnerships, which much like the blubs, I hope continue to bloom well into the future. The children were so engaged and enthusiastic about this project which was an absolute joy to witness.”

Havebury also asked the children to design their favourite flower and bring it with them on the day with the winner receiving a £25 Amazon voucher. The winner was Ishita Gade who is 11 years old.