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Breaking down the prehistoric myths about social housing

Posted on 15 November 2019

More than 1,000 Flagship Homes and Victory Housing Trust residents living in and around north Norfolk joined 70 staff volunteers for a day of feedback and fun at Roarr Dinosaur Park in September.

The event is part of Flagship’s and Victory Housing Trust’s drive to break down some of the common misconceptions about social housing and their support for the National Housing Federation’s ‘Together with tenants’ campaign. 

Residents and their families had the chance to share their stories and views about the homes and communities in which they live, explained Jo Wicker, Director of Engagement and Insight for Flagship Group.

“Finding out what matters to our residents is vitally important. The day was all about coming together, building strong relationships with the people that live in the communities we serve and understanding resident priorities.

“Giving our residents opportunities to be involved in matters that affect them and enabling them to have a voice and influence over how their homes and communities are managed, means we can deliver an even better service in the future.”